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​Johnston Law Offices prides itself not only on the services it can provide to its clients but also on how those services are provided.  We focus on our clients’ needs.  From small things, like our simplified billing practices where clients are not charged for routine office expenses, to large things, like our dedicated commitment to understanding a client’s objectives and focusing on those objectives, we never lose sight that our clients are looking for solutions to the legal problems they face.  Our record of solving problems and achieving results, while establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships, underscores our dedicated service to our clients.

Commercial and Civil Litigation

  • ​We are experienced in handling complex litigation matters in both state and federal courts, before regulatory bodies, and in private arbitration tribunals.  And, importantly, we know how to try cases before juries, judges, and arbitrators.  We also have experience in many different types of disputes, including contract disputes, property disputes, employment matters, insurance coverage, and disputes between business owners.  Our experience helps guide our clients through the most difficult of cases with a never-ending focus on a successful resolution.

Business and Commercial Transactions

  • We have experience in a variety of business and commercial transactions, including acquisitions, option agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, supply agreements, and other general commercial dealings.  We can assist clients in achieving their business goals while addressing potential legal pitfalls and protecting their legal interests.​

Criminal Defense

  • We have experience representing individuals charged with a variety of crimes from serious Category A felonies, such as murder and sexual assault, to simple misdemeanors, such as domestic battery.  We know how to evaluate a criminal case and how to protect our clients’ rights throughout the entire process.  And, we know how to take a criminal case to trial before a judge or jury, utilizing not only the firm’s legal experience but also investigators and experts to aid the defense.  We can assist clients when they are facing criminal charges and possible prison time with never-ending focus and zealous advocacy.